Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Crossing guard??

I was out walking my dog when I noticed that the four way traffic light on my street was stuck. I went home and reported the problem in the Streets Department website. Then under compulsion, I found myself going back out and directing the traffic past the dangerous intersection.

I felt so out of place standing in the intersection, shouting, "Light's broken!" and waving by each vehicle. No doubt some people thought I was a crazy woman high on drugs, but I was safe in the arms of the Lord. I did this for about 20 minutes until a police van drove towards me and the driver asked me to get out of the street. He said he would send someone to fix the problem, so I gladly obliged, not wanting to get in legal trouble.

I care about others. I knew many people just wanted to get home. The reason why I did this was because I didn't want anyone to get hurt or even killed. God only knows what would've happened if I hadn't "stood in the gap" for those many drivers. They couldn't see past the intersection, and they were blowing their horns in frustration. I couldn't just not do anything. If it was me driving, I would want to get past safely too.

I had the blessing of some folks gratefully waving by and thanking me for my heroic efforts. I also thought I could have called 911 and reported the instance. Maybe next time. I do live in the city.

Lord I pray that you protect those drivers and keep the intersection free of other incident until the proper authorities come and repair those lights. Thank You, Lord, in Jesus' Name, amen.

Note: I just observed that the traffic lights in that intersection are flashing. Thank God.