Thursday, March 9, 2017

Praying, praising, worshipping the one true God tonight

I'm so glad tonight that God answers prayer. I'm glad that He hears every thought in our mind and word on our lips, even before we think or speak it!

I am praying for my family to get saved and come back to church. If I fail to do so, I feel dirty, sinful, and I know I displeased God. The Lord Jesus Christ bled and died for them too, and for all mankind. How can I not pray for the ones closest to me? 

I praise God freely tonight and without hesitation that He is a good God, gracious, longsuffering and loving. He supplies my every need. He is the God of umpteen chances.

I read the Bible and every day it is a continual feast. His Word is so powerful and piercing that I can't get enough. Awesome, omnipotent and wonderful, the Author of this holy Book is the very One Who saved my soul from Hell fire. Praise the mighty, saving Name of Jesus!

I thank the Lord that His mighty angel guards me while I sleep, and if it is His will, He will awake me in the morning to thank and serve Him again.

I have so much more to thank and praise the Lord, but time is precious and mere words cannot contain the love I have for my Savior. Thank You Lord Jesus for saving my soul!

Have you thanked God today? Are you born again? Do you want a relationship with the God Who makes all things new, His Name being the Lord Jesus Christ? You can know Him right now if you choose to. See this link for more.