Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I went on YouTube today and was appalled at what I saw. In the upper left hand corner, a tiny rainbow flag unfurled and waved happily. The symbol of "gay pride," in our face as usual.

I wondered, why isn't there as much respect for our American flag, with its familiar red, white and blue? One which our founding fathers revered and soldiers bled and died for? Don't people realize the reason we have our freedoms in this country is because of God-fearing folk who weren't ashamed to stand for our land, and who stood for the Bible because it was the very foundation of our country's beginnings? Why a flag with stolen colors from the Bible? You know, the rainbow, which is still known as God's promise never to destroy the earth with a flood again? Where are people's brains anymore?

Freedom is NOT free. There is ALWAYS a price tag for the privileges and conveniences we enjoy and have at our disposal. Our nation has become complacent, lazy, selfish, and headed straight for the Lake of Fire. What a pitiful thing, that which once gave Almighty God the glory is reduced to drugged-out, alcoholic, homosexual, child-murdering, pedophile Satan worshippers whose only desire is to themselves. What a tragedy, a sad climax to a miraculous beginning.

We have gone way too far when it comes to "rights." Gays have "rights." Feminists have "rights." Rights are not candy that you pass around to anyone who won't stand up for what is right and assumes WRONG is right! You can't assume what's right is wrong and make it a right because you want to go along to get along (the idea of "sheeple" comes to mind). Shame on our world view of our "rights"! They should be called WRONGS, because we have gone too far with our sins!!

What about the unborn babies who die at the hands of Godless abortionists? Where's their right to live? The blood of every murdered child cries out to God for retribution. And now this rainbow flag, waving in defiance of everything holy, pure and Bible oriented. God will NOT be mocked!!

The Declaration of Independence is a forgotten document. Our days in America are numbered, and decreasing by the hour. Only if we repent and return to God and beg for mercy on this cursed nation will we survive. It begins with the individual. What will you do for God and your country today??

I don't hate gays, I hate their SIN because God hates it! It disgusts me when I see two men holding hands or kissing! Ugh!! It OFFENDS me! And yes, you can call me homophobic, because I am afraid of what will happen to them if they don't repent and believe on Jesus to save their soul from Hell fire! God is homophobic, because His Son Jesus died for their sins and they trample His Name in the dust! Let me tell you, God is OFFENDED at ALL of our sins!!

I preach God's truth, and whether or not they receive it is between them and Him. They've already set the course of their life and they'll pay the consequences for their sins if they do not repent and receive Christ as Savior. Homosexuality is a vile SIN, just like adultery, pride, lying, etc. It is an unhealthy, wretched, foul abomination which God hates. It is unrestrained lust towards those of the same gender. The ludicrous idea that two gays can get married and raise a "family" is straight out of the pits of the Devil's HELL!! Sin is anything which a holy God says is ABOMINATION!

Just to be clear, God doesn't hate the sinner. If He did, none of us would be alive today. Jesus wouldn't have come to earth to die on the cross. The Bible wouldn't have been written by the Holy Spirit through holy men whose faith toward God was exemplary. We would have ceased to exist if God wasn't a God of love, BUT, He is also a God of JUSTICE Whose demands for holiness must be shown.

God loves the individual person. Jesus died on the cross for each individual person. God hates SIN, and we are SINNERS all our life UNTIL we die. While we still abide here on earth, we WILL sin, BUT, if we are born again (saved), God has forgiven our sins through the precious blood of Christ shed for us on Calvary's cross. Once again, in plainer terms: God hates SIN, NOT the sinner. Anyone can come to Christ and be saved, even the most vile sinner that ever lived, which is you and me.

This "gay pride" is just one by-product of the sore lack of God, prayer and the King James Bible from our children's lives. It's no God of the Bible, but any god you can conjure up. If you speak for the one true God, you are stymied and ridiculed. SHAME!! Anything goes in this sinful generation. They all hate God, the Lord Jesus, and any speck of truth from the Bible.

The Devil has been mighty busy these days, preparing to bring his son (the Antichrist) to the world, and dragging countless millions of souls to Hell while the pseudo-church (modernism) is asleep at the wheel. There is very little hard preaching anymore. Many of today's pastors won't preach on Hell because they love money and don't want to offend anyone. People refuse to turn, so they will burn. I didn't say it, God did. I will offend them, because people NEED to be offended for their vile sins!!

I'm glad God already knows what will happen very soon. His Word will not be destroyed, no matter what Satan and sinners do with it. It is forever settled in Heaven. Everything will go as God ordered it. The God-haters will be utterly and ultimately silenced. Oh what a day that will be, when the Lord Jesus, Who took on every sin of every man, woman and child had committed, paying the price in full with His blood, will come and destroy this rotting corpse of a world at His coming. Truly God will avenge those who stand for His Word.

God promises a way out of Hell. Jesus died for YOU. You need to get right with God and repent of your wicked ways. Jesus did this because He loved you enough to take the nails and the beatings, the mockery and the shame. Jesus is God Almighty, the only One Who can forgive your awful sin condition. Only YOU can make this vital decision. Will you be born again? It's so simple a child can do it. See this page for more. HOW TO BE SAVED

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dry times of prayerlessness

Have you ever felt like you're in hiatus prayer-wise? You feel like your prayers are hindered or just don't come out? I get like this sometimes, I want to pray but something gets in the way.

I know from experience that God at times doesn't answer prayers, but that doesn't mean that He has forgotten me. Sometimes He just wants us to speak up. But that's the problem. What is keeping me from speaking up? Don't I have a humble heart? I know He hears my prayers but what is wrong? Unconfessed sin? Attitude problem? Secret sins that only He and I know of? Lord, please reveal it to me so I can get right with You!

Maybe it's my flesh. We tend to worship our body by feeding it too much with food, pleasures and physical comforts. Ever notice that when the church was PERSECUTED, God heard and answered every single prayer they prayed? That was POWER back then, and it can still happen today. However if we go around denying the very God Who graciously provides all our needs, and we start WANTING things more than NEEDING them, that gets in the way of our Christian walk and can hinder our prayers.

I don't know what to do in times like this. Just confess my sins and keep praying, I suppose. God knows my heart. I don't like to not pray. I need His power, and that can only be obtained by prayer.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Not by fame, not by power, but by God's Spirit

Looks like I'm back here again. As usual nothing's going on. The only time I see any activity is when these posts first get published. A sudden flurry, then enduring, deathlike silence. Maybe my name "Silent Witness" really is appropriate.

This is why I like my privacy, although I know that "privacy" no longer exists here on the wicked-wide-web. Every keystroke is monitored, every thought made public domain. That makes me very uneasy, but I suppose it's inevitable. Nothing's getting better in this sinful world, only worse. Only the Prince of peace can set things right, and He surely will, in His timing. Plus I know His power protects me, and nothing can happen to me outside of His will.

I don't ask for fame, nor do I have the personality for it. I like being an unknown. I like being poor. I am a nobody who wants to tell everybody about Somebody who can save anybody! I love depending on Another for my daily needs. I was never the type to make a name for myself. I am just here to spread the Good News. I am not expecting anything big to happen, other than the Rapture, and then I will leave this sad world behind, but perhaps in the meantime someone will be moved by God's Spirit to get right with Him, be saved, and avoid eternal Hell fire.

The only time I know of when anything really happened at one of my writings is when my late friend Loice Lenkume of Kenya, Africa saw my website page and got saved from reading it. She told everyone in her family about Jesus, and they all got saved as well. Today, her son Peter is the spiritual leader of their community, teaching children the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to all who trust in Him how to live as a Christian believer from the Word of God. This is my legacy, and I greatly look forward to meeting these folks in Heaven.

I am only a sinner saved by grace. I myself am nothing special. However, friend, you are loved by Jesus (John 3:16), and He wants you to be born again. If you are not saved, you can be right now. Admit that you are a sinner bound for Hell. Believe that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross by choice, because He loved you and doesn't want you to go to Hell. Receive His gift of eternal life, so you can go to Heaven when you die and be with Jesus forever. It's not hard or difficult, but I must pass this message on, that JESUS SAVES! See this page for more info: