Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dry times of prayerlessness

Have you ever felt like you're in hiatus prayer-wise? You feel like your prayers are hindered or just don't come out? I get like this sometimes, I want to pray but something gets in the way.

I know from experience that God at times doesn't answer prayers, but that doesn't mean that He has forgotten me. Sometimes He just wants us to speak up. But that's the problem. What is keeping me from speaking up? Don't I have a humble heart? I know He hears my prayers but what is wrong? Unconfessed sin? Attitude problem? Secret sins that only He and I know of? Lord, please reveal it to me so I can get right with You!

Maybe it's my flesh. We tend to worship our body by feeding it too much with food, pleasures and physical comforts. Ever notice that when the church was PERSECUTED, God heard and answered every single prayer they prayed? That was POWER back then, and it can still happen today. However if we go around denying the very God Who graciously provides all our needs, and we start WANTING things more than NEEDING them, that gets in the way of our Christian walk and can hinder our prayers.

I don't know what to do in times like this. Just confess my sins and keep praying, I suppose. God knows my heart. I don't like to not pray. I need His power, and that can only be obtained by prayer.