Thursday, June 9, 2022

Gas prices up up and away

I don't drive but I think the gas prices are being manipulated by evil people who are demon possessed. I know this to be true because every time I see something on fake book mention it, those wicked fact checkers bully their way to the post and mark it as false ínfo. And if the poster keeps putting it on there, they get booted from fake book. I know, I've been there before. Let me say right now, these losers with nothing else to do are the ones who are the manipulators in cahoots with the devils in power that are driving this insanity (no pun intended).

My son works for a rideshare company. Until he finds something else, he has no choice but to have to pay $5 a gallon keep his tank filled, which he uses up as he works, so if he can't earn enough to keep working and keeping his tank full, then he's pretty much screwed. And just in case your head is on the sand, it's really hard to find a job that pays over $18 an hour that's not construction or medical related. 

I'm just sick of all this mess. It could have been avoided entirely if those devils who removed the Bible and prayer from the public schools didn't get away with what they did. But I don't understand the mind of God or why He allows certain things to happen. He knows what He's doing, and I have to trust in Him in evil times like this. Things are not getting better, folks, they are getting worse. You ain't seen nothing yet. 

Come Lord Jesus. Please come quickly.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

The most REPULSIVE video I have ever seen

I feel like I'm gonna throw up. I just saw on YouTube a video (I couldn't watch it) of a man "giving birth" to a baby. I want to say first of all that it's against nature and against God. This is utterly IMPOSSIBLE. Secondly, it's completely against how God created a man. Thirdly, the delusional people who crowd around him are all completely insane and out of their minds. How is this possible?? How is even the IDEA possible??

I am weary of saying the world has gone wacko. I suppose this person had a uterus implanted in his body, and then, obviously, a fertilized egg. Forget the petri dishes and test tubes of decades past, now these eugenicists do real transgender surgery on real human beings. This is a true horror story, one that should be confined to a dusty bookshelf, but shockingly it's as real and in-your-face as sodomy, pedophilia and bestiality. I've never seen anything like this before, and I am stunned to even think it actually happens, most likely every single day..

My next question is, what about the child? You know that kid is not going to be normal in any sense except in the warped, backward, twisted ways that today's homo and tranny generation sinfully stands for. This is utterly appalling, and you'd have to be devil-possessed to think this is a beautiful thing. It's not!! Dear Lord, please intervene on this awfulness!! Please come and put an end to this evil day!!

The reason for all this happening, while these freaks of nature get all the attention, is because the Lord Jesus Christ is about to come in the clouds for His church, and the world must go through this horrible time of wickedness for God's judgment to be fully ripe. In case you haven't noticed, everything is getting worse and worse, just as the Bible said it would. It's because we have totally forgotten God... no, not just forgotten, but God is a distant figment of decades-long ago imagination, or so today's reprobate generation would say. Or more likely, God doesn't exist at all and we're all animals evolved from slime. Yeah, that would ring true for today's mentally-ill generation of idolaters and deceivers.

I once ACCIDENTALLY saw part of a video where two women were vomiting in each other's mouths and eating feces. I thought that was bad-- in fact, to this day I'm still scarred from seeing that-- but this one is completely deranged and satanic. God will not be mocked. These devils who concocted this sick freak show will split hell wide open when they die. I say that with Bible authority.

It's amazing to me that Jesus died for every sinner, knowing full well the depths of depravity the human heart can go. He died even for this trann man. The question is, will he (she) repent and believe on Christ before they die? That's a question only God can answer.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

The "Faggot Institute" has gone cold EVIL

I can't believe what I just saw after looking up the Franklin Institute. It's gone completely New World Order, freakish and satanic. I'm ashamed I was ever a part of this sinful organization. Thank God He got me out of it back in 2020 when the cov1d scare was in ebb. 

They have some nerve to charge over 20 bucks to indoctrinate and twist little kids' minds into something so freakish and evil as the l g b t so-called community of hellbound wretches. Hell will be hot enough for these freaks who lead little children to the lake of fire!!

Can you imagine this insanity? They're having an AFTER HOURS "ball" when the satanic temple of faggs closes so they can prey upon themselves and give over into ungodly lusts. Sodomites beget more sodomites!! And they have this wicked exhibit explaining the meaning of harry Pooper. I'll tell you the meaning of that garbage: It's devil worship! It's WITCHCRAFT!! It's an ABOMINATION in the holy eyes of God!! They can get away with it now, but oh how terrible the Great White Throne judgment for them! None will escape but be cast forever in the depths of a place hotter than the sun and in the very presence of God Almighty!! How's that for an explanation??

I shudder to see kids faces on this site anymore. They're being VICTIMIZED while everybody thinks the FI staff are doing a swell job at "educating" our youth. They're part of the problem. Here's real education, you disgusting den of thieves: God will not tolerate your sin much longer. You have one breath until you may perish from the earth. You will be held accountable for every idle word and deed you say and do. I'm warning you, you better get right with God NOW or else you're in big trouble!!

What happened to the SCIENCE MUSEUM that I once loved?? Where I once volunteered and had such wonderful times? I used to go every weekend to visit here, and I was going every year for a time in my adulthood, but after that c o v I d crap I swore I'd never set a toe inside, let alone sacrifice my money on such a God-hating, hateful, "PRIDE-ful" "establishment." The true Franklin Institute that I once loved is dead, a rotting corpse full of devil's vomit and shame. And this is a licensed, 50c3 (however you call it, a charity) organization?? Are you friggin kidding me??? Parents, you are utter FOOLS if you allow your impressionable children to go there!! Shame on you for being part of the fag problem at the Fag Institute!! Shame on you all!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2022

YouTube monetizing my public videos

Without my knowledge or consent, I find that some of my more viewed videos have ads, thus have been monetized by YouTube. I never see a penny of that money, but instead, whoever clicks on the ad, the money goes straight to the vendor/company. I think that's thievery on the worst scale, using my videos as springboards to more cash in the pockets of these filthy lucre worshipping crooks. They will have much to be held accountable for at the judgment when their schemes and lies are made manifest by Almighty God. He will vindicate me in time, because God will have the last laugh.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Jury Duty Day

After several years I've been called into jury duty. I'm sitting in the jury room with other prospects, already waiting for 3pm to get out of here. I don't enjoy being stuck in this situation, and 9 bucks is hardly worth the time spent simply waiting and more than likely not getting picked for jury service. This is all of the devil and I detest giving him any credit for it. The judicial system is corrupt from the judges on down, and there is absolutely no truth or justice in the courts anymore. It's guilty before presumed innocent, and I hate having any part of it.

Four hours later. Still sitting here waiting. I keep hearing numbers being called to go see the judge one at a time, and when I do I'm telling him that I have short term memory problems and am unable to carry out complex tasks without writing them down first. I also have surgery scheduled on Monday, but that's outside of the two day trial period they're expecting. 

If I get called in for a trial I'll be extremely surprised. That'll prove the system is rigged if they're that desperate for jurors.

Friday, December 31, 2021

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

I just ..... opened a new face book account yesterday. I thought with the new year maybe things will be better. Not really. I have one friend from my deleted fake books but I tried requesting someone else whom I haven't seen in years. What do they do? They send a text message saying "I don't know you" and also send it to 20 other numbers along with my number's prefix. This is called phishing and it's wrong, and I don't appreciate being a part of it. Someone with a similar number like mine texted STOP. I don't blame them for doing that. So I blocked all the numbers and this person on face book. That was paranoia and not acceptable. 

Thursday, December 30, 2021

New Year Ball Drop Not A Super Spreader??

It's one day till New Year's Eve and people are headed to the Big Apple to party and get down with the Ball Drop, except um... We're still in the middle of the pandemic...?

I thought large crowds, heck, even two people talking, can get you seriously sick. But the ones in charge of the gross New Year's Eve idolatry say "you must wear a mask and show proof of vaccination". These people want to make money and the Ball Drop is one of the biggest filthy lucre producers by far--- yet people still have to show their vaccine ID and regular ID. But what do they care? People will die from COVID while these demons rake in the bucks! They're still going to be packed like sardines that night. I'd say these nuts are going to get more than a front view seat watching the ball drop, they're going to cause yet another surge in COVID cases. You'd have to be a total idiot to not expect that. OMICRON anyone?

We live in a world that's gone psycho. Everything old school has been blown away like ashes in the wind. These are treacherous, dangerous and scary times, but people are so dumbed down by the media, thinking oh, I'm vaccinated, I'll be fine-- but what if? Did you ever stop to think if you did get sick and wind up in a hospital?? The vaccine is not a cure, folks, it's to make the virus less dangerous. You can surely still get COVID if you're face to face in a crowd!! Duh!! A better idea would be just to stay home and watch the Livestream. At least you'd be safe from all those nasty virus carriers!!