Friday, December 9, 2022

Nothing to lose

 I am a former reader of a certain website which I had learned much from, but I decided I'm tired of reading the articles from the author who is constantly complaining and seemingly in a rage over certain doctrines of the faith. I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm just saying that every time I open a page, there's another angry spiel. I'm tired of his complaints. I wonder how tired God is of my complaints? I wouldn't know.

 I am a former student of this author as well. I decided that he is too angry and self-focused to even write a decent article any more. Angry people don't make friends. They are stubborn and recluse themselves away from others. I know, I can be that way at times too. Hence the term, "sinner," since we all sin at all times.

I also decided to look up this author's name on a search engine. The spew and hate coming from these webpages is more than I can stand. Why do wicked people call us, "fundies?" (That's a derogatory term for "fundamentalist.") I'm sure these fools have a whole vocabulary of other diverse insults to toss around to one another and mock about. Take that vile, Satanic, trashy, Hell-spawned website "FSTDT"(no, don't look it up!). That's all good though, because they are storing up wrath for themselves in the judgment. Indeed they'll wish they had never said those hateful things about God's people, and regret never getting saved.

I had only glanced at the first line of one of these disgusting articles, and the person said this author "has no sense of humor." Well, fool, it pleases God when His child doesn't act like the wicked world! What you say is "funny" is going to irk one who has the Spirit of Christ in them, because they are a new creature, not the old sack of rotting flesh that you are! Christians (not FUNDIES) are born again, living in this wicked world and looking to Christ for help and assurance, and awaiting His soon return in the clouds to rapture us out of this hot mess! 

I have Heaven to look forward to, do you? I am saved, are you? Or are you going to stubbornly and pridefully refuse the love gift God gave to every one of us by sending His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, into the world to be killed on a cross and shed His blood for all mankind, because He loved you that much? 

God allows each of us a certain allotment of time on earth. He did this because one, He loved us and wants to fellowship with us, and two, He wants every man, woman and child born again and going to be with Him in Heaven one glad day! Jesus Christ came to earth because He didn't want ANYONE to go to Hell forever when they die. He loved us THAT MUCH! So He died in our place, having obtained the joy that was set for Him after the tortuous suffering of the cross. HE DIED FOR YOU, SINNER! And He died for me too. And everyone else out there too!

Writing this article has changed my attitude. That's the power of God at work! No more complaints, no more skeevy "fundie" articles, just peace of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love Him so much!

Tuesday, November 8, 2022


I did my civic duty today and voted. But I'm not talking about my votes, I'm bringing up that crossdresser that was at the polls a few years ago, (or maybe it was a different one). He was there with his bling and makeup on. And if that wasn't enough, on the table was one of those trash NKJV bibles. 

It doesn't matter what I think about that, I believe God is judging this nation for its countless sins. They want a homosexual crossdresser working at the polls to make it seem right to the gullible public, no problem. They want to plant a garbage New Age Version "bible" to make it look like they're religious to the dumb-downed masses, go for it. Let me tell you something, God is the one allowing all this, and quite frankly, unless this spoiled rotten country truly repents and gets born again, there is absolutely no hope. 

Take this godless world but I know in whom I've believed. Whose side are you on? 

Blood Moon (S)Election Day

I got a notification at about 5am saying excitedly, "Blood Moon Eclipse! Can yoú see it?" So I go outside and look for this so-called blood moon. I did see a faint fuzzy blotch in the sky towards the east, but nothing spectacular. I didn't bother to photograph it because my camera is crap and would have made it even fuzzier than it was. 

I wonder, what is all the hype about a lunar eclipse? So what? And I also saw that it supposedly has to do with election day. That is a bad omen, in my opinion. If an eclipse has to do with election day, that portends very bad news. (Just a side note: if Trump runs again, I'll vote for him.)

Pagans celebrate and observe the cycles of the moon. They worship they know not what. They go along to get along. Watch how many videos show up online from this blood moon fiasco. Again, what's the big deal?

How many pagans woke up and dashed outside to film this phenomenon? Not me, I simply went out because I was curious. It's cold out there. I was glad to climb back into my warm bed. 

Let the heathen film irrelevant videos. God will hold every one of them accountable.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

No JW's at my house!

I have a camera set up outside my door, and it captures everything on video. I was looking through the files and saw a black elderly couple coming up the steps. They looked to be in their 60's. 

The man and his wife were impeccably dressed. He pressed the doorbell button, which unbeknownst to him doesn't work and never has, and waited patiently for an answer. I felt sorry for him. Another file showed his dear wife, who would've rather avoided the concrete steps. They then tried the house next door, which unbeknownst to them was vacant. They then left, no doubt scouring the block for possible victims to lure into their cult. (They get paid for this, did you know that? It's like a commission job. Whatever fools they catch in their web of lies, they earn bucks! No wonder these poor old folks were even here!)

I thought, what a waste. These fine folks could have been Christians going soul winning. The telltale sign was that satchel the man carried. That's how I knew they were Jehovah's Witnesses. They carry around those damnable Watchtower false gospels of hell everywhere they go. Real Christians carry Gospel tracts, not all-out pages and pages of useless, demonic literature.

If I sound somewhat peeved, it's because I have good reason. My father was a Jehovah's Witness until the day he died. He tried to pass those Godless little books on to my mother. She, thankfully, never touched them. My mother was a non-practicing Catholic who never spoke of religion, let alone sat around and talked about it with puppets of the Devil. No, Jehovah's Witnesses are not welcome at my house at all.

I haven't seen these poor cultists since before COVID, simply because nobody was allowed out of their houses because of the lock downs. Apparently going soul-damning (my version of the JWs' and Mormons' version of soul winning, because they don't win souls to Christ, they give them over to the Devil) is not "essential". They, both types of cultists, make a mockery of true Biblical soul winners who really do care about people and where they're going when they die. 

Since these fakes mimic true soul winners, and many people don't want to hear what they say, they won't hear what we Christians say, even when they're faced with the truth. That's how messed up these cultists are. They literally work for Satan, they just don't know it.

I hope this couple quits doing this for pay, especially since they didn't appear to be in the best of health. And even if they were sincere "believers", they're still sincerely wrong because they're preaching a false gospel, even if it's in ignorance.

Sadly, the Devil cares not how old or young you are, if you're not born again by the precious blood of Christ, he's going to use you to drag unsaved people to hell with him. Religion of all kinds for thousands of years has led countless souls to eternal hell fire. I don't buy it. I say, keep your trash out of my door and your cult away from my home. REPENT and believe the Gospel, before it's too late!

Friday, October 21, 2022

I'm removing my website

 My website,, is being deleted by me because I can't afford to leave it up anymore. Times are tough and everything is getting more and more expensive. I don't even know if anyone reads it or even looks at it. But that's all okay because there are other ways and means to write, a.k.a. my blog here, for example.

I would still remove it even if it was getting thousands of views because I can never be sure if anyone who reads it gets saved. I need to work for God in more of a hands-on way, like soul winning with my church group, or passing out tracts. Yes, writing is a powerful means of reaching folks, but I haven't written or posted anything recently regarding reaching people for Christ. Besides, I've grown tired of just consistently typing away without any results (that I know of, that is; only God knows if my work will show any fruit at all).

It feels good to sit here typing though... This brings back so many memories!

I did have a thought. Again, I don't know if this blog gets read, but I'm going to start posting my videos here and in my WordPress blog, which I haven't accessed since February of this year. I need to do something more to get folks thinking about getting saved, because honestly, time is getting short and you never know when you're going to die and meet your Maker. So here's the first video. I hope you like it and please pass it on...


Thursday, August 4, 2022

Don't review anything on Amazon if you're a truth teller

Long title but that's my point. See my previous post about amazon reviews.

I wanted to review an item on Amazon today, but it showed me this ludicrous message about my reviews being "unusual" and "all my reviews have been removed". Cowards!! Thin-skinned, sissified, NWO pushing, gay loving, money worshipping THUGS!! They never mentioned my account being removed, oh no, they still want my money!! Forget it Ama Zombie!! 

I even wanted to post a glowing review for a product that I absolutely love, but nope, these idiots tell me that my reviews are UNUSUAL and they remove every single one, EVEN the good ones. Uh huh. So I wrote them back in a very nice email that they surely must have made a mistake. I'm waiting for the reply right now. They probably won't send it, or it'll be some stupid form letter that some bot sends out. Ugh. I'm so disgusted with AmaZombie!!

Saturday, July 9, 2022

My review was rejected

This is hardly a good reason to put out here but I'm afraid that most people today are too dumbed down to have any kind of sense anymore. 

I posted a review on Amazon for an item that I had wanted to give 5 stars. I like said item, and had nothing but good things to say about it. However some nut reviewed the post I gave and rejected it. I am flabbergasted as to why? Yet one thing occurred to me as to the possible reason. Ready for this?

I mentioned my DAUGHTER.

I don't know much about this "personal pronoun" baloney, which some deem as that you have to call them by a generic name, e.g. "them" instead of "he" or "she". So since I said, my "daughter", that's gender specific and may be offensive to some. Are they serious? Probably, since Amazon rejected my review. 

That has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Wow. I guess I need to be more "careful" what I say. However I'm still going to say "SON" or "DAUGHTER" because that's what right, and it's Biblical too. "Ohh, don't bring that Bible into it?!" Sorry but the Bible is always RIGHT, and everybody else is WRONG. That's the truth.