Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Not one

I went out and attempted to pass out tracts this morning, just as I do while walking for exercise. However, not one person I offered them to accepted them. 

Usually more people receive the tracts than reject them. This time I had three tracts in one, so I assume that these folks either saw the multiple content I was handing them and decided not to bother, or they altogether had zero interest in what I put forward as "true peace in the world." It's so sad.

My only comfort at this repetitive rejection was the Lord gently speaking to my heart, saying, "You did good. Keep doing it. I am with you whether they take the message or not. You are doing the right thing, and I am pleased with your efforts." I am therefore confident that Jesus will reward me when I see Him at the judgment seat of Christ. 

There is blessing in obeying the Lord. I may not do much or be very vocal or social when I pass out tracts, I only know that I try my best to please God. And i intend to keep it up as long as He allows. 


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

F B delete

I deleted my f b account. I am now off of social media. My WordPress blog is now private. I only have these two Blogger blogs left. I was considering sending my writings via email but that won't work because I'd have to ask the recipient first. I'm retiring from the internet until further notice.

Friday, July 2, 2021

Plastic bags (and other environmental pollutants) ousted


I heard yesterday that the store we go to for groceries is putting an end to giving out plastic grocery bags. Why? You should already know that plastic bags are considered pollution and wasteful, and are "harmful to the environment." So pretty soon we'll have to use reusable, machine-washable cloth bags. 

You might say this is a good idea, and I agree to some point that it is. Since many people don't bother to clean up after themselves or put trash in trash cans, I constantly see discarded plastic bags in the streets that no doubt fall into the sewers, which indeed is harmful to the environment. I also know that when you give the liberals a foot, they take a mile, so they're going to push for even more pollutants to be eradicated. They call it "climate change" and "saving the earth" and other unproven, non-Biblical nonsense. This means more taxes and more money having to be spent to revert to electric appliances because the gas appliances we use now are going to be unusable and outlawed. Get ready to see gas heaters, ovens and dryers lined up for recycling day at a neighborhood near you.

I feel sorry for the employees who work for the companies that mass-produce these plastic bags. Many will be laid off or fired. How will they make a living then? It proves that today's politicians and this generation are selfish and self-centered, and they don't give a flip about who gets canned or is forced to draw unemployment. People today are deprived of common sense, not even having been taught how to put trash in a garbage can, let alone run any position of power. We are in bad shape, my friend, but thankfully, Jesus Christ is still on the throne.

There has already been an increase in gasoline prices for cars. This is no doubt trying to get people to revert to more expensive, electric vehicles like the Tesla. However this theory has holes in it because many people are used to buying gas for their vehicles, and although they may seem to save money by buying electric, they refuse to put out the money to transfer to electric. The liberals know this, so they'll continue to charge more and more for gas prices. But the younger generation is all for this New World Order, and their voice for it will not be silenced. We already have spoiled rotten, Godless brats running the government, and it's too late to shut them up now. The bottom line is, us right-wing old fogies and our old-timey ways are pretty much screwed (pardon my language). As for me, I refuse to worry about this. I live one day at a time, I believe God, and I will continue to trust in Him to supply our needs each and every day He allows us to live. 

I'm waiting for my landlord to send me a notice saying he's replacing all the gas heaters in his properties with electric ones, which no doubt may cause an increase in our rent. But so be it, until that day I will keep being content with my gas heater, stove, dryer, and such. If the Lord permit, I will keep living for Him and trusting in Him. My Bible says to be content with such things as you have, so I stand on that verse in these times of trouble. 

Friday, June 18, 2021


I am so thankful I have these blogs to post in. Whenever an idea comes up, I have the ability to write down all my feelings, emotions and opinions. There is a lot to talk about in this time period, when the world is growing more dark and wicked by the day. My job here is to speak on certain subjects and sometimes vent, but mostly stand for my God-given faith and trust that someone would be saved through my posts.

Summary of wickedness today:

  • LBGTQ+ agenda pushed on children.
  • Young children age eight and up coerced to have sex change.
  • COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine passports.
  • COVID-19 spike protein being let loose in the environment.
  • Anarchy and lawlessness at all time high.
  • Crime at all time high.
  • Apostate, Laodicean "churches" leading the gullible and emotional away from Christ and the Bible.
  • True Christian, Bible believing churches closing their doors.
  • Arrests/detainment of Godly preachers and soon all church members.
  • The King James Bible outlawed and per-version "bibles" like the NIV predominating.
  • US government led by demonic Democrat leaders.
  • National debt growing ever higher.
  • Soon dismantling of American dollar and Bitcoin, etc. assuming role.
  • Other stuff I didn't include here, you fill in the blanks.
We are in a mess, and the only way to escape is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Only true, Bible-believing Christians will be removed in the Pretribulation Rapture, which can happen any time. Are you ready? Or will you stay behind for the Time of Jacob's Trouble?

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Some words of wisdom at this frightening yet exciting hour

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. Luke 21:28

I think that the video [about spike proteins from COVID viruses being let loose in the air, water, etc.] seems credible and it's scary that vaxxers can shed spike proteins to everyone regardless if we got the vaccine or not. Obviously there is no way to avoid coming in contact with the protein second hand if 70 percent of people are vaccinated. I'm sure it's still way better than getting a shot though because of aluminum and other garbage inside of shots such as aborted fetal tissue etc. 

So, seeing that I can't stay in my house and never go out and no matter what I do, I will be around vaccinated people, I have to keep my immunity up and try to not dwell on it and start freaking out.

If you think about it, there are so many things out there that can "kill" us or give us cancer or radiation or chemicals yet we continue to live. Cell phones, computers, hair dryers etc can cause cancer 4G 5G wifi etc. And our food is contaminated....so we are all walking around not feeling our best and sluggish by age 40 or so. Sometimes it is mind boggling trying to avoid chlorine in water, buying organic foods, and trying to avoid being radiated. 

The scary thought is thinking about dying in rounds with stronger and creepier viruses that will continue to replicate until they are immune to our manmade antibiotics. I guess I feel more sorry for G____'s generation. At least you and I got to live to middle age and have several good memories. The younger kids have to face more disease etc.

And in conclusion, that's why I am anchored in the fact that we have eternity and heaven since we are saved....otherwise there would be no hope or nothing to look forward to.

I will probably never shake hands again and try to not breathe on people, probably avoid public transportation etc, but otherwise try to still help people.


Tracting by one

You might say, what is "tracting"? It's passing out Gospel tracts to people. An old friend made that word up years ago, and it fits. 

Yesterday I had a decision to make, and it was nerve-wracking to say the least. Someone who is new to my church was looking for someone to go "tracting" with, because she is feeling threatened by those to whom she passes out tracts. She said she is confronted by people who "hit on her" and make her feel unsafe, so she wants someone to go with, thereby giving her and the other person more security, and of course, that's how Jesus sent out His disciples, two by two, not one by one. So she asked me, because she found out that I also pass out tracts.

Unfortunately, I tend to "tract" alone, and that's how I'm used to it. I told her I feel uncomfortable with other people and I'd rather just do it by myself. I don't think she liked my response, because I saw her leave the conversation and appear to make a face at me afterward. Whether she did or not, I'm not sure, but all I know is I barely know this person and I'm not good at being a leader at anything. And if she assumed the role of leader, then I would get self-conscious, hide behind her and let her do all the talking, which is a hurdle I'm just starting to get over myself. 

I used to pass out tracts with my late Pastor's wife, and I only did it because I looked up to her. Since we went with the teens every week, I felt compelled to go. But I was very uncomfortable and never said a word. I let everyone else do the work and I just wanted it to be over. I have since matured, but the notion of going with someone still makes me uneasy. I guess it's just my weird loner personality.

Even my late Pastor used to go doorknocking by himself. He enjoyed it and witnessed to people all the way up until his physical constitution would no longer allow it. When alone, people would see him as a friend and a neighbor, and not a pushy Jehovah's Witness-esque nut who just passed out literature that nobody wanted to bother with. That was how the Lord used him, and he bore much fruit in that sense, having started churches in this manner and maintaining them until his homegoing. 

I will pray about this issue, because I know God can change any heart to use for His glory. I feel bad having said no to this dear lady, but it's my problem if I don't let someone in. Forgive me, Lord, and please do with me as You will. Thank You Lord. Amen.

Monday, June 14, 2021

"They kids"

I have an app that tells me about crime in the area. I am amazed at how things have gotten so bad around here. Today I received a notification about some grade school kids vandalizing someone's property, and it's heartbreaking. A little ten year old girl threw an egg in a doorway and then ran up the street, following her fellow gang-to-be members, presumably to collect her five dollar bribe.

I say, "gang-to-be" because that's how gangs form, with kids ten years old and up. They get bribed or bullied by an older "friend" to do things kids naturally tend to do, like stealing or drawing graffiti on a wall. You think this kind of behavior just comes out? No, children are prime targets of Satan. He knows if he can get them young, they'll do whatever he wants them to do. The Bible verse of "train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6) goes both ways.

There is no teaching of the Bible in the public schools. When the Bible was removed in 1963, things have slid downward more and more rapidly. That's why these kids are running wild in the streets. They go to public school where there is no God, no Bible, no prayer and no morals, and they're indoctrinated with evolution and how to fist sex one another. The LGBTXYZ movement has many young victims and much blood on their hands for taking impressionable children's lives and spiritually killing them. I am so glad I don't have school age children to bring up anymore, but it's sad and pathetic how today's parents just go along to get along and never once put their foot down and teach their kids how to behave. That doesn't happen anymore, because it's seen as "child abuse."

When I saw one comment about this little egg-tosser, saying, "They kids," first of all I marvel at the incorrect grammar. It's THEY'RE kids, you idiot, not your meaningless "They Kids"... then I see the laughing emoji next to it. So this ingrate not only can't spell, he's laughing at the fact that this little brat threw an egg on someone ELSE'S property. What if it was his property? He wouldn't laugh then. I replied, saying, "'They kids'" are how gangs start." It figures that adults are so clueless and mindless as to think this kind of thing is funny. I thought, next time it'll be your property, pal. Someone else wrote about a brick going through their window next time. These brats roam like cockroaches in the summertime.

Surely there are good people out there who believe the Bible and train up their children the Bible way, and those are the fortunate ones who will escape the wrath of God and eternal torments. Children are gifts from God, given to parents "on loan" to teach them the Bible and how to act and behave properly, therefore giving God the glory. However, nowadays kids are castaways born to people who aren't parents and couldn't contain themselves sexually. They didn't ask to be born, and they certainly didn't ask to be abused or neglected. So yes, it's the parents'/caretakers'/guardians' fault if they end up in a street gang or shooting up with drugs, simply because "all the other kids do it." That's why broken homes are so common and the kids are left to themselves, and one day some ten year old holds a gun up to your head. They think it's NORMAL. Shame, utter SHAME on you adults who treat your God-given posterity like garbage. 

There is no excuse for abusing a child by neglect or selfishness. Anyone can start over and do right, and GOD can help you if you allow Him to, but some of these kids are beyond help. It's so stinking sad, and the Devil is LOVING IT.

Update: My app had removed this particular post, probably because I had mentioned in a reply about the public schools neglecting their students and the "No Child Left Behind" falsehood is bogus. Oh well, I hope people saw it and got them thinking, but probably not.