Thursday, May 14, 2020

COVID-19 faulty stats

I've had it with this baloney about the virus situation. I'm not even spelling out the name because I'm so tired of seeing it everywhere. This is all a big shove to get the whole world into the new world order. They use half truths to justify their lies so they don't look bad. They can't properly count the deaths from the virus so they lump in other illnesses people already had which made them susceptible to other illnesses to make their "best guess," then they blame the virus as the cause of death. It's all a big sham and show, fearmongering and scare tactics, and people are being led by the nose into the new world system. Do you honestly think these devil worshippers are being honest and truthful?? If you do, you're the biggest fool on earth. Those who support this foul beast from hell are just as evil as the ones who brainwash them.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Stay at home mode

It's been nearly two weeks since this whole mess has been going on (you know, the virus, I hate mentioning the name of it). I'm waiting for something good to happen. Like for it to be ended somehow. A vaccine. A lift on the curfew. Hearing about more people recovering. Something. ANYTHING.

I went to the store earlier and I glanced at the front page of a local newspaper. It pertained to people wanting to know when will all this stop. I am human, and I think along those lines too. The headline referred to getting back to "normalcy." I thought, what was normal about before, except being able to leave your house on a whim? Then I thought, the way things were before was ANYTHING but normal... try ABNORMAL!

There are no public meetings, congregations, clubs, schools, parades, outings, get-togethers, reunions, family gatherings, churches, etc. We're all stuck at home, waiting for it to blow over.

The internet must be flooded with people because nobody can go out just to go out. This is like waiting out a blizzard, only worse, because these "snowflakes" are potentially lethal.

I heard of a podcast or something that had further instructions on how not to catch this bug. One of which is drink hot beverages like coffee or tea. Another is to drink warm, not cold, water, and avoid ice (so much for ice cream). Another is if you went out, when you get home, take a shower as soon as you get inside, and wash your clothes as much as possible, because the virus can get in your hair or clothing. Eat healthy foods like veggies. Don't smoke. Etc.

Of course we also have our "more common" common sense like wash your hands, cover your mouth, and avoid those who are sick or even appear sick. This is one nasty germ, and I'm praying somebody gets a muzzle on it soon.

Every time I think about it, I have to remember that God is over all of this. He will decide when it ends, if it ends. I say that because I don't know, but He does. I must say though, I have to make myself think spiritually, because this is one hum dinger of a trial. Yet I know that God will get the glory, and people will be saved from all this.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Thank God for another day

Ahh, what a privilege it is to be able to wake up and do what you love to do. As for me, in case you haven't noticed, it's BLOGGING!! I LOVE to write in my blogs. I have another one here at Blogger that rarely gets used for my other Google account, but I like this one better. Maybe I'm weird for having multiple blogs, I don't know. I just know I like to start fresh.

So as you MAY have noticed, we're in the midst of the lovely Coronavirus issue. The world is, as I speak, reeling in fear and torments with this terrible judgment of God. Italy is on lockdown and can't leave their homes, and has been for weeks now. I feel so bad for them. China is bogged down, as well as is the rest of Europe. And don't you know, it's here in the UNTIED STATES of AmeriKa! In my state there's been over 100 cases!! In my city, 44, and counting!! They're telling us to go home and STAY HOME, which I think is impossible because people have to work, and many don't like to be told what to do! Ugh, it's a big mess!

I have the feeling (and I admit, this is my flesh) that this can go on for much longer. They SAY 2 weeks, but I don't know about that. The way it's been hyped and pushed and shoved down our throats, only 2 weeks would surprise me! People are scared, terrified, and many are in doubt because they see others going about their lives so they assume they won't get it (and I admit I'm there too). But I have my God to shield me from any catatrophe, and I say, THY WILL BE DONE, LORD. God is on His throne, and NOTHING takes Him by surprise.

If I end up with the coronavirus (more specifically, with COVID-19), then I must accept that as God's will. If I catch a tiny sniffle I'm not going to the emergency room (actually they want us to go directly to see our doctor, which seems strange because they're probably bogged down with cases). They keep telling us to DO THE 5:

  1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
  2. Stay at least 3 feet away from others (the "social distancing" rule)
  3. Cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hands
  4. Don't touch your face (without washing your hands)
  5. If you have symptoms, stay home (which is ludicrous because quarantining makes it worse; before they were pushing to go to the doctor immediately, hence what I said earlier) 
  6. I might add another: DISINFECT YOUR HOME, DUH.
Google goes on and on like they have the right to tell us what's best and how to do this or that. I won't listen to them because they're not God Almighty, Who holds my life in His hands. NOTHING can happen to me outside of the will of God. If I seek His will (and I must because I am His child), then I must prepare myself for anything that comes my way. It also means I can't live in fear! FEAR IS OF THE DEVIL!! I want to please God, so I will listen to His voice, not mine.

In the end, after all this is over, I really hope people will wise up and return to the God who gives them breath. Is this God's judgment on the world? I don't know that for sure, but I do know this: He is trying to get our attention! BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, AND BE SAVED!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

AOL cancelled

I was forced to cancel my AOL subscription because of private reasons. However it was nice to see my old hangout for a short while. Sadly you can't trust anything on the internet without assuming the worst.

I found a site from which I downloaded the sounds. I have them saved to my files, so I will embed them in my videos or whatever.

I did manage to witness in the chat rooms a couple of times, offering the way to Jesus Christ by faith alone, but I doubt if anyone heeded the call. The last one had a certain "kev" person who called me an antichrist because I believe the Rapture. I told him he was missing out, and he will "poop his pants" when he gets left behind and has to see what will happen in the Great Tribulation. Sadly you can't talk to some folks, because they're blinded by the Devil and their heads are like bricks. There's no telling how many lost souls will be left behind.

I had a choice to keep or cancel AOL. You too have a choice. Choose Jesus Christ.

Thursday, February 20, 2020


So I decided to try 30 days free trial of When the 30 days are expired, I don't know if I'll keep AOL. I got it for nostalgia only, plus I want to try and witness for Christ in the chat rooms. Let's see what the Lord does. God makes no mistakes.

Everything on here is basically the same. I love hearing those "Welcome," "Good-Bye" and "You've Got Mail" sounds. My soul, what memories! I remember writing emails in AOL Mail, specifically the "Spiritual Diaries" that I had sent out to a few folks (see my website). This was before the days of AOL Hometown, where God allowed me to create not just one, but two websites, the main one and the second one which was my Poetry site. Oh my soul, how I wish they were still available.

There is one major difference here now: no AIM chat, the predecessor of phone texting. It used to be in the upper right corner of the AOL window. There was the Buddy List, which held a precious few names whom I spoke with. Sigh. So many memories were made there for me, when I used to wait for my friends to come online and the "Buddy In" sound of an opening door played. I would get so excited when I heard that sound! And when the "Buddy Out" sound of a slamming door played, I was heartbroken, and wondered when my next conversation with a real Christian would be.

You see, I was a baby believer for 20 years, and God had sent a few people my way through this program called America Online. He knew I needed to grow, so He sent Pastor Wayne, Donna and Gary my way during those early years, and how I loved every moment of it! To me, when I talked to them, it was as if I was speaking with the Lord Himself. They were literally speaking for God, which astounded and amazed me. That's how I thought back then. It was a respite and a refuge from my life while married to an unsaved man. Thank You, Lord, for those early years of spiritual growth.

I did unfortunately have a few encounters with pseudo-Christians, a.k.a. people who believed in water baptism for salvation, or speaking in tongues, or healing, all of that charismatic junk, which thankfully, God steered me away from. I never would have guessed that they were not saved at all. I remember talking to a man in the chat room about being saved, and he claimed (and I never forgot this) that to be saved, you had to speak in tongues. I was mortified, and for days afterward I would try to speak in tongues because I knew I WAS saved. He was dead WRONG, however, and I never did speak in tongues, just jibber-jabber which was not of God at all. I wonder if that man is still around, because I'd like to give him a spiritual whipping!!

Pastor Wayne was the man who taught me to forsake the Catholic church I was going to, since I was a Christian believer and I needed to go to a "Calvary" church (by this he meant a Bible-believing church). I remember his internet went out for a time, and I had to go to the nearby laundromat to give him a "collect call" (when someone pays for your call for you at a pay phone; oh my soul, that was long ago). I did this a few times, and when I doubted, he said to me in no uncertain terms, "Do NOT stop calling!" Unfortunately I had to stop because I thought my husband would find out what I was doing. I never heard from Pastor Wayne again. But I thank the Lord for this man's exceptional effort to minister to me. He was my very first Pastor! I hope he's still alive and serving the Lord.

I also remember wanting to meet Gary so much. He lived in Michigan, so that was never to be. I still have him on my Facebook, and he is now married and has two teenage children. I remember he was a teenager of only 13 when he and I met on AOL. I even thought he could travel out to Philly and perhaps stay in a hotel so I could meet him in person. I even remember the hotel. Sadly, these were just pipe dreams which never happened.

Donna is the only AOL friend I got to meet in person. To me, she was the most Godly woman. She was saved from a life of being a lesbian. She had long silver hair, and she stood only 5 feet tall. I loved her so much. She was visiting her friend on the outskirts of Philly when I met her, and she had to go back home to Washington (the state) after a few months. God used her to teach me to be loving and sweet, and she left an indelible mark on me. She even told me that God gives us the power of changing the weather, which unfortunately is a falsehood (it's God who controls the weather, not us), but the way she said it, so convincingly and powerfully, I actually believed it for a time.

I even brought my young children to meet Donna, and we all went to see her friend who lived in an apartment complex, but I can't remember where it was. I just remember the playground, and the swings which we loved to go on. They still remember Donna, but they were very young. Her friend had a teenage son. She gave my youngest son a watch to keep. They served us hot chocolate. I remember the layout of the apartment. It was very small, and I felt as if I stayed there myself. So many memories.

A bad time in my life came when I decided I wanted to take my children and leave my wayward husband. I remember talking to Donna about it, and she had told me she would meet me (only God knows where) so we could go to her apartment in Washington State and live with her. I never learned the city she lived in. I wanted to take my kids, but I remember how upset they were at the very idea that they were going somewhere without their dad. And somehow he found out, and he was very angry at me, but God got a hold of me powerfully through that trying time. Through this ordeal, the Lord patiently taught me that it's better to obey Him and stay faithful as a Godly wife than to disrupt my whole family. Afterwards, I never had another urge to leave again. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

AOL is a fountainhead of memories and much-needed lessons in my early Christian life. I'm convinced that God uses people who want to be used by Him, and when they are, they have such a powerful impact on others that the time spent with each one molds and shapes them to be more like Christ. It's called "discipling." That's why we as Christians must be patient and loving to others as Christ would. There is a baby Christian out there somewhere in this cold, wicked world, all alone, wanting to love and learn about the Lord Jesus. Will you be their mentor?

As I said, I was very young in the faith and very impressionable during those years. I remember my friends with fondness and thankfulness. Even as I was writing this post my mind went back, and I wish one of them will IM me....

"Buddy In" sound!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Of the Devil

I'm going to list some things that are surely of the Devil. I'm sure you can add to this list yourself. These are pushed and forced on us to make us think they're "normal." This is the result of no Bible, no prayer and no respect for God in these last days. Take away the Word of God from a nation, that nation is headed for Hell. I don't think I'll get them all, but in case you don't want to read a long list, here's a summary:


  • 99.9% of the internet
  • Money (the love of which is the root of all evil)
  • Cellphones 
  • Porn of any kind
  • Gambling
  • Sicknesses
  • Death
  • Poison
  • Cults
  • All religions
  • Any Bible except the King James
  • Propaganda & those who spread it
  • Lies & all liars
  • Deceit
  • Satan worship
  • Vaccines
  • Junk food (use your imagination)
  • High cost items
  • Abortion
  • Dishonesty
  • TV
  • Hollywood
  • Celebrities
  • Sports stars
  • News anchors
  • Media
  • Movies
  • Literature
  • Same gender marriage
  • Homosexuality
  • Bestiality
  • Actors, actresses
  • Transgenderism
  • Gender confusion
  • Backmasking
  • Secret societies
  • New York City
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Salt Lake City, Utah (Mormon capital)
  • Drag queens
  • The Federal Reserve
  • Murderers
  • Crime
  • Sociopaths
  • Anything that diminishes God and glorifies Satan
  • Every bible PERversion (all 2,000+ of them, including the NIV, NKJV, etc.)
  • Social media (FAKEbook, TWITter, etc.)
  • Dating websites (whores and whoremongering)
  • Drunk driving
  • Drugs (when abused and sold for abuse)
  • Child trafficking
  • Mormonism
  • Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Roman Catholicism
  • Anything that is man-based, man-made and man-promoted, including worship of men
  • Inner cities/ghettos/jail houses
  • Corrupt cops
  • Corrupt judges
  • Corrupt legal systems
  • Abuse of power
  • Trash in the streets
  • Liquor industry
  • Media industry
  • Witchcraft, idolatry, Ouija boards, necromancy, magic, fairies, trolls, elves, etc.
  • Obscene language & gestures
  • Filthy speech (the F-bomb, the A-- word, etc.)
  • High schools
  • Colleges
  • Elementary schools
  • Preschools
  • Day care centers
  • Whores
  • Pimps
  • Filthy dancing (twerking, etc.)
  • All pharmaceutical companies
  • Dishonesty
  • Our legal systems
  • Corrupt government
  • Whorish clothing (tight spandex, low-cut tops, halters, miniskirts, fishnet stockings, etc.)
  • Disobedience
  • Disrespect to others
  • Taxes
  • Cashless control grid
  • The RFID chip and all its kin (the mark of the beast)
  • Any store that pushes said chip technologies
  • Fleshly desires
  • Telemarkerters, scammers, phishing websites, computer viruses, etc
  • Stupidity, willful ignorance, indifference, lukewarmness, uncaring attitudes
  • People who think sin is good
  • People who cause others to sin
  • People who run their mouths in obscenities
  • People who can't stop interrupting while others are talking
  • People who make a scene while shouting at others and don't care
  • People who use you and abuse you
  • People who love things that you hate, and hate things you love
And tons of others....

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4:8 KJB

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 KJB

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. Ephesians 4:29 KJB

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. Revelation 21:8 KJB

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Alone, but the Lord is with me

I honestly can NOT figure people out. They seem to avoid me. Whenever I post in one of my blogs, unless there's a flurry of activity, they are silent as the tomb. This one in particular. I honestly don't know if anyone views these posts. But in a sense, I don't care. I use this blog to vent mostly. If no one has nothing to say, then good. I don't view others' blogs either, so we're even.

Ever since I was a child, other kids avoided me. I admit I wasn't popular, or talkative, or had experience with being in groups. I was shy and withdrawn. I abhorred the little blond girls who whispered behind my back. Therefore, I was self-excluded from all the fun activities and laughs. I was so jealous of them. I'm glad I grew out of that.

I'm also glad I was born again by faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for me on the cross, taking on all my sins and bearing them Himself so I wouldn't have to go to Hell when I die. I believe with all my heart that Jesus Christ shed His blood, the blood of God Himself, then He gave up the ghost and died, then He was buried in a borrowed tomb, because He had nothing to call His own. I believe He was resurrected on the third day, and He lives forevermore, ever interceding for me before the throne of Almighty God.

Yes, I may be alone, and others may shun me and stay away, but I have my Lord and Savior to thank for allowing me to be alive and to serve Him. I'm so glad to have Him with me in these end times. THANK YOU LORD JESUS.