Saturday, November 11, 2023

Desperate Times

 The store down the street was almost robbed again. With their limited stock, they don't make enough money to replace these doors. The shelves remain half empty from frequent robberies, and no security guard wants to work. 

I feel sorry for the handful of people that work here. It's a terrible situation, to have to work and be on guard for any troublemakers, not sure if you're going to get shot or be threatened with violence.  

Only God can set things in order. Judgment is coming for the wicked, and they will not escape. Nothing will bring peace but the Prince of Peace. Please come, Lord Jesus. 

Friday, November 10, 2023

To Rant or Not To Rant

 Well, I'm back again deciding to post here in my good ol' blog. I see my other posts have gotten a decent number of views (probably mostly mine, lol), but I know too well from experience that can change overnight. I just thought I'd drop in and rant a bit (just kidding) so whoever follows me (if any) can see I'm still alive and needing to get stuff out. So please bear with me.

A lot has been happening in the world lately, as if you don't know. I frankly don't, because I don't watch the news or listen to radio broadcasts. I like being somewhat ignorant, living in my own world of youtube vids and fake book. Yeah I'm back on there again, so what? They make it as if you need it to breathe, so every so often I take a few puffs and close it out. Oh well. What I DO do on fake book is all about spreading the Gospel, though. It's literally the only way I can witness to people.

It really feels good to be blogging again. I read articles from a preacher "friend" every day, and that fills me in on what's happening out there. I say "friend" in quotes because of what they said about me not too long ago, which I forgave but am still leery of them saying something else out of anger or frustration. And I know it was me they were speaking of, because they literally described everything I was doing, except in a bloated, ugly, to the Nth degree kind of fashion. I had written to this webmaster about it, and they promptly replied and edited out the ugly details. I still read their materials and have them as friend on fake book, but that's where it ends. And I don't care if they see this post (not very likely, but you never know), because this way they see that I'm a lot more careful now with my words, and pictures and posts on fake book, so that they can be sure to be more careful about the same. What goes around comes around!

I suppose that was my rant for this post. Sigh. I want to keep typing! I haven't posted anything in here since July! If I think of anything else to post, I'll be back. If not, see ya.

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Stealing is WRONG. Period.

I had went to the store down the street from me to buy a couple of things. I noticed that the cashier seemed agitated and couldn't think straight. I found out why when she suddenly said loudly, "Get out! Get out now!" I wondered who she was shouting at, and she said that a certain man keeps coming in and stealing items from the back of the store, leaves, and jumps on the nearest bus to make his getaway. I turned around and saw him, so I went outside the door and reprimanded him, saying that he "stole stuff" and to "put it back! Stealing is wrong!" He just looked at me sideways and kept going. I was furious! I had a right to be, since I actually paid for my items!

The cashier said he's the one who comes in every week to shoplift items and then he jumps on the bus. I said I have been going to that store for 30 years and I never saw the likes of how desperate and insane people are nowadays. I asked her, why isn't there a security guard at the door? There used to be one! Sadly, they most likely walked out on the job and never did anything to stop these fools! I then said, why don't you call the police? She said they might arrest them and put them in jail for a night, then they let them go back out on the streets to continue stealing and getting away with it! Then I said, what about the higher-ups and owners of the place? Don't they have any say in this at all, since they're LOSING MONEY from these idiots looting the stores? Again, nope, they just don't want to get involved, boo hoo, too bad, so sad. The cashier then told me she's been threatened with physical violence as well. One druggie told her to leave him alone or else he was going to stab her with his needle. Real nice, huh? 

This is America today! This is the result of the public schools indoctrinating children with garbage like evolution, lg b t q , video games and other vile devil's spawn filth. Kids today have ZERO chance of turning out right if they're not brought up in a Godly, Bible-believing, praying Christian home, and even most of those are being torn apart by Satanic forces. Truly, Satan has very little time left to deceive the world and to drag souls to the lake of fire with him, so the time is NOW to get right with God and to preach the Gospel with more fervor and urgency like never before! We have nothing to lose as Christians, and the fields are so ripe to harvest that they are rotting! Shame on us Christians for standing idly by and allowing the world to become the cesspool of iniquity that it is! For too long have we worshipped our belly and neglected the Great Commission that Jesus commanded us to obey! The only good thing out of all this hot mess is that JESUS CHRIST IS COMING TO RAPTURE US OUT ANY MOMENT!!

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Something to get off my chest

 I was meaning to post this last week about a certain website owner falsely saying things about me that aren't true. I had decided to let it go for a bit, but I need to get it out, seeing that this blog hardly ever gets viewed anyway. This blog has become my sounding board, as it were, so if you'll please bear with me, I'll begin.

So this website is one I trust, even though many things in it aren't easy to accept, at least to the world. The author is a good preacher of the Gospel, but as with anything, you sometimes have to agree to disagree.

The internet is the perfect way to remain anonymous, as long as you're not doing anything criminal. This person used their website to call me something that I am not, and to assume wrongly that I am a certain way. In other words, they said, in a fit of anger, that I am 300 lbs and I post pictures of myself wearing a negligee. 

Fact is, I WAS posting pictures of myself on Facebook (wearing decent clothing) of my weight loss journey in a group where I had friends. It just so happened that the group was public, and I had posted the pictures to my Facebook page as well, which was friends only. Also, I never wore any negligee, since I never wore nor will I ever wear anything so disgusting and slutty. Even if I was a perfect figure, which I am not and never was, I wouldn't dream of such nastiness. So I was a lady and said all that in a decent tone instead of wanting to rant like I usually do.

The person who accused me of doing this has since apologized, I forgave them, and it is now water under the bridge. However, they had no business saying such a thing like that since they never met me in person, and as I said, the internet is great for hiding behind and being anonymous. In other words, you can say whatever you want under a pseudo name, and nobody knows who you are. It also backfires, since this person had no idea I was reading every word they typed in that website. So yeah, what goes around comes around, and, karma is a b****.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

My post was "put behind a warning"

 So out of the clear blue I get this email from Blogger that one of my posts from 2021 was put behind a warning...

Your post titled "Georgia ballot counting day?" has been put behind a warning for readers

 Give me a break. Why that one post all of a sudden, two years later? I wonder, what other choice posts will be put behind a warning, because I know I can get rough. Truth is hate to those who hate the truth, and that is more than obvious on the internet.

I wrote this post without apology, and will continue to write more posts as such. It doesn't matter to me if someone is offended, I post the truth because the truth is offensive and it gets people's backs up. Somebody needs to speak up and expose the evils of today! Why should I cave in and go along to get along? No reason whatsoever. If you don't like what I post, then please go elsewhere, because obviously your point of view vastly differs from mine.

It made me so angry a few weeks ago when that Hell spawn YouTube just flat out deleted my Hindsight Is 2020 channel for no reason, and now I discover Blogger is just as thin-skinned and weak as its cousin YouTube. Dirty devils! You're ripe for judgment in the end because you have much blood on your hands. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

A sad world we live in

 I see hardly anyone reads my posts here. I've been writing in blogs since the early days of the 2000's, and I imagine that the reason why my blogs are barely read is because I no longer post them to Fake book, as I refuse to go back there because they are so corrupt and hypocritical. Anyway I decided to post today because of a strange occurrence that happened yesterday at my dentist appointment. So if you're here and you're interested, read on.

I was expecting to get a deep cleaning for my teeth, and after waiting 45 minutes in the waiting area, I was called back. Once in the chair, I was given X-rays to show the current condition of my teeth. Soon after, the dentist came in and examined the X-rays. He then moved his face near to mine (I was lying back in the chair) and said Hello, which I thought was slightly creepy. He asked me a couple questions, such as, did I have any recent surgeries, which I informed him that I had two. He then proceeded to clean my teeth, not a deep cleaning but a regular cleaning since he said he was giving me the "maintenance" as opposed to a deep cleaning. I felt relieved at this, since I hate those novocain needles, but I was puzzled as to why I needed a maintenance cleaning at all if I needed a deep cleaning.

When he was finished, he spoke to me about the X-rays, saying there were a couple teeth that had pit-like impressions in the sides. He called it "composite," a residue that he claimed was because of my fillings. Here's where it got weird. I told him I never had any fillings put in at all. Never in my life had I one single cavity that would need a filling. He said this a number of times about the "composite" deposits, and that they were because of fillings. I retorted, repeating that I NEVER HAD ANY FILLINGS. To this, he did a "smack my head" gesture, saying that's what he saw and that what I, the PATIENT, said to the direct contrary. He looked like he was utterly exasperated. It was then that I knew I was never going back to this dentist, and that I'm getting a second opinion at another dentist. I wonder if this guy even saw any fillings in my teeth while he cleaned them??

I'm going to get my X-rays copied this morning with the intention of taking them somewhere else. I'm not going to this dentist anymore, because their service was once terrific and I was satisfied with it, but this guy made me look stupid and weird. Forget them. They get enough business from other suckers so they can do without me.

The world today is so frustrating and odd. Everything's backwards and wrong. Nowadays you go somewhere that you've always depended on for good service, and you end up getting screwed. What is wrong with people today?? What happened to decency and hard work? What happened to getting the job done right, and not caring about how much you get paid?? 

My son said this guy was just trying to make money. That's so true and sad. It just makes me think how many others are being taken advantage of and used for gain. I tell you, if you believe the devil doesn't exist, you're a darn FOOL, because every evil and ill work is done by him. He's got billions of souls on the path to destruction, and they're so blinded by him they think and live like they're doing the right thing. 

The Bible says in the last days men will call evil good and good evil. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you WILL agree that the world is getting more and more wicked by the minute. Even lost people are flabbergasted at how things have so vastly changed for the worse. The devil knows his time is running out, so he's trying to drag as many people's souls to hell with him. But God knew all about this from before time began. He allowed this because He had a plan to send His only begotten Son, the Lord JESUS CHRIST, into the world to save man from his sins. 

God knows everything, my hesitant reader. He even knows your heart condition if you've read this far (or if you didn't). God Almighty knows ALL. He sent His Son to die for YOU on a cruel, rugged cross to take YOUR sins upon Himself, and to offer His righteous soul to be condemned in your place. He did this because He loved you so much that He doesn't want you to go to hell. 

Please, if you've read this far, I plead with you, don't lose this opportunity to be born again. You must realize that you are a wretched sinner, and that you are bound for hell where the wicked and lost go when they die. Do you want to spend eternity in a place where you'll never escape the fire and torment of eternal separation from God? Or would you rather call upon the Name of JESUS, crying out to Him to save your soul from hell? 

Jesus did all this for you, my friend. Please go to Him and BELIEVE that He DIED, was BURIED, and ROSE AGAIN. This is not a religion nor a hoax, but the Bible truth. If you want to go to heaven and avoid the torments of hell, you MUST be born again by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Do it now, before it's too late!

Email me if you have any questions:

Friday, April 28, 2023

YouFool deleted my channel without warning

 Here's one more reason for me to hate Google and its evil minions like YouTube: they deleted my Hindsight Is 2020 channel without so much as a warning, or even a threat of a community strike. Years ago, if they spotted something against their terms of service on someone's channel, they would email you and give you a chance to appeal or change it. That's happened to me at times, but I would always simply delete the choice video they didn't like. Now, they just flat out delete all the time and years spent and terminate your channel without so much as a word. This makes me very angry, since I had a lot of content on my channel, all of three years. What a waste. 

Many people today are thin-skinned and don't tolerate truth. We live in a different day than even a few years ago. I think covid destroyed more than small businesses, it took away the tiniest fraction left of our innocence. 

Anyway, thanks YT. You and Fake Book are now considered to be my enemies. You'll definitely reap what you've sown.