Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse was a total show

I'm both elated and disappointed at the same time. I was waiting for hours to watch the solar eclipse, and I came up with this image:

I tried to make it clearer but it was zoomed in a bit far. The eclipse glasses were held up to the lens. I had looked through the glasses and it looked like a thumbnail. An orange slice of sun capping the dark moon. It was a wonderful sight. Even though it was cloudy in my area, I was still fortunate enough to obtain a pair of glasses and catch the eclipse before it went away.

Thousands traveled to the path where totality would take place, and I'm sure they were rewarded. What a sight that must have been, a dark circle with flame-like sparkles around it, and bright stars adorning the scene. I admit I am a little jealous.

A smartphone is pretty useless to photograph an eclipse unless you have filters and other gadgets in the camera. Mine was a bust, hence my disappointment. But those glasses made a huge difference. Wow!

Seven more years, and I'll see it in totality!