Sunday, September 17, 2017

"Internet" starts with I

You notice that the word internet begins with an I? I did. It's all I, me, myself, and mine. We live in a selfish, corrupt world and I (excuse me) am tired of it. I'm tired of depending on a machine for satisfaction instead of going to God in prayer. I'm tired of looking for attention in all the wrong places (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

What's wrong with the internet? It can be used in so many positive ways. Yeah, right, just like marijuana can be used as a medicine. How many think that pot is a drug to get high with? I do. I even smoked it for a time. Yeah, I'm a sinner just like you. Oh well. So how many think pot can be used as meds? Not many. We're conditioned to think that pot is an addictive drug, so the meds idea is too far-fetched to believe. I personally don't believe it. If you do, you're a fool following the ideas of the NWO who want you to think that it's GOOD FOR YOU. Sheeple. When will you wake up?

This is just one example. But I am not going to waste my time on any more. I just want to once and for all get off the internet, because it is nothing to me anymore. I despise it. You go ahead and enjoy yourself. I'm done.