Friday, May 19, 2017

I just WannaCry! Get a life.

So what is all this turmoil over this ransomware "outbreak"? I did some research on this fearmongering and I've come to a conclusion. It's all in your heads. You make the decision to panic and start running for the hills, but I intend to stand fast and endure for Jesus' sake.

Why do I mention the Name of Jesus? Because He is my everything. He is my Rock, my Savior and my King, and NOTHING can happen to me (or my possessions) outside of His will. I believe His will is to trust in Him, and give Him all my cares, and He will do the rest. I'm not about to wring my hands in despair because the Devil just threw a new trick together and is scaring the daylights out of most people. Remember that Ebola scare?? It was all a sham. I refuse to bow to Satan. My knees bow only to the Lord JESUS CHRIST!!

Besides, I have basically nothing to lose. All my files are either already done away with (by me, by choice), or there's nothing to steal from. I do not save cookies, and I don't understand all that computer rigmarole that these tech wizzes boast of. If I have a problem with my computer, an outdated, on-its-last-legs Windows 7, I ask my computer-savvy sons about it and they tell me what to do. 9 times out of 10, they're right!

Okay, it's mostly big companies, hospitals, delivery modes, airlines, etc. that were affected (or were they?) so it is a big deal. What do you do when you're confronted with disaster? You GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY. Duh! It sounds so simple it's ridiculous, but isn't that what Christianity is today? Something to be mocked, thus avoided? "We can't be part of that Christian stuff. Jesus will not reign over us!"  the world says. That's why the Devil eats you alive. Because all you can see is his junk. You're sheeple. You do whatever everyone else does. You won't stand alone. You refuse to look up and ask Jesus to save your soul from Hell, because you're only into yourself. That's why Satan is having a field day with the worldly masses, because people are dumb sheep that think the world revolves around them. Well, sorry to tell you, it DOESN'T.

What amazes me about the "success" of this ransomware is that people actually fall for it hook line and sinker and pay the "ransom." Give me a break. Are you that dumb so as to spend God's money on trash like this? Those people who put this thing together, whether they're the higher ups or just some bored, stupid teenagers in a garage somewhere; they already know they're done. The Devil is a defeated foe, so if these losers follow him, they've already lost and will be losers forever in the Lake of Fire. Let me get this clear to you, friend: THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!! He comes to KILL, to STEAL, and to DESTROY. Does that ring any bells??

I refuse to cry. I refuse to bend. My heart belongs to Jesus Christ, so let the worst come. My home is in Heaven. Take the world, but give me JESUS. This world is NOT my home!

Salvation is a gift. You do NOT have to be like everyone else. Jesus died for all mankind, so He expects us to receive His gift for free. But woe to all who turn Him away, or corrupt the plan of salvation! You REALIZE you are a sinner bound for Hellfire, because we are born in sin. You REPENT and change your mind and agree with God that you are a sinner. You RECEIVE God's love gift of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ, and that He is in Heaven preparing a place for you if you believe. That's all! Simple yet profound.

Jesus will make you a new creature in Him. Don't put it off. Time is running out. See this page for more: HOW TO BE SAVED