Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Prayer works. Don't give up.

One of the most potent results of living the Christian life is spiritual growth. I cannot go into detail because that would be boasting and I would forfeit rewards in Heaven for what happened today, but I was mightily assured that God does use me, and my prayers are surely heard by Him.

People desperately need the Lord Jesus Christ, Who bled and died on the cross for all mankind that ever lived. I used to think witnessing online for Him was enough, but that is not the case. God wants us to do all we can, when we can, where we can, and He makes sure that we can. He provides opportunities to serve Him and divine appointments to be set up for those to whom He directs us. He never makes mistakes, and He expects us to be obedient servants. However, it is up to each one of us to decide whether to serve Him or not. If we do, God is pleased, we are blessed, and treasures are laid up in Heaven for us. If not, regrets and sore chastening will soon follow.

Something that the Lord constantly reminds me of: Back in 2000, in the beginning of my online ministry, I used to expect immediate results, that people would read my websites through, be instantly convicted, and get saved. It can happen, depending upon the response of a person's willingness to agree with God that they truly are a sinner bound for Hell (repentance), but it doesn't always work that way. God doesn't work for our glory, He works for His own glory. God's timetable is not of us. So don't be discouraged if your soul winning efforts do not produce immediate fruit. He sees you, and is writing everything down. We will all be held accountable for every one of our actions, good or bad.

God is a good, wonderful, patient, all-powerful God. He often causes us to wait on Him. Be persistent in prayer and stay right with Him. He wants us to stay strong soldiers, patiently waiting on His call, and continuing steadfast in prayer and His Word. We will each receive our due reward.

The Name of Jesus Christ be blessed forever. Amen.

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