Sunday, May 28, 2017

Another "I hate you Silentwitness" spam email from "Tracybot"

Okay so now I'm convinced. I got another one of those stupid spam emails that I spoke of earlier. It's definitely a bot or something not human. It is apparently from someone named Tracy. I'll just call her "Tracybot."

I've seen other seemingly personalized spam emails other than this one, such as "Hey, stop sending me your pictures" or "You've got the wrong address" or some dumb stuff like that. It's called clickbait. You see something that mimics a personalized email so like a sucker you click on the link. Then they've got you!

This is what unsaved heathens do with themselves, they send these ungodly emails and expect you to click on their ungodly links so they can harvest your personal info like your bank account numbers, your address, your location, etc. I get at least 100 of this filth every day. It all gets deleted. I marvel at how gullible people are nowadays. Who cares if "Tracybot" hates me? Good! I don't want any weirdos following me around anyway.

What amazes me is that we continue to divulge our personal info on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and nobody blinks an eye. That's how low we've sunk in the sewer. Good or bad, the internet has us at its mercy. The only way to escape this chain of addiction is to unplug yourself, and that means no more computer, no phone, no electronic vice of any kind. Unfortunately, you've already sent all your private texts and photos and they're floating around out there in the "clouds"... so basically yes, you're done for. That's the pessimist's view.

However since I am a child of the living God, I know there's a reason for everything. The Lord knows what He is doing, and we don't. The secret things belong to God. There is a plan and a purpose for all the junk going on in life today, and that is a direct result of this nation turning its back on Him decades earlier. God said, you don't want Me, so help yourself. We are reaping what we have sown all in the name of sinful vanity.

Even what I type here is being monitored. Our privacy is long gone, folks. We've got Big Brother on our tails all the time now. However, that doesn't mean that this author is going to throw up her hands and give up. I have nothing to hide. I'm going to continue to preach that JESUS SAVES!! And there's nothing that can stop me outside of God's will. The Devil is a DEFEATED FOE.