Friday, May 19, 2017

The divorce that wasn't

Years ago, when I first started writing on the internet, I used to send out emails to those whom I met online in Christian chatrooms where I had revival. Then the Lord introduced me to making websites. Through much trial and error, I ended up having a total of  6 websites and blogs. Unfortunately I no longer have them, this blog being my final attempt to spread the Gospel.

These paragraphs below are just one page of what I called my "main site." I called it "Unequally Yoked." It speaks of when I was in turmoil over my marriage. But God in His infinite mercy spared me the terrible end. Read the bottom to understand it better. If you care, then I sincerely thank you for caring. If not, you can leave and don't bother to come back, because what I say may not be to your taste.

Just a thought. The Lord Jesus Christ had me put this site together way back in the year 2004, so now that it's nearly 10 years later, and times do change, I feel a need to update my "Unequally Yoked" page. (I praise the Lord for His keeping this site up for this long.)
As of November 2013... Update...

Let me just be honest, and confess that my husband had not been living with us. As of 2009, the Lord had me as a single parent and in charge of the household. NOT complaining and with NO regrets, I was a mother AND a father to my children (by God's wisdom), I kept the bills straight (by the grace of God), and we still had a roof over our heads (again, by the grace AND MERCY of God). I even learned how to do without certain luxuries and went to a food bank and thrift stores for necessities. God is my Provider. I have no other One to give credit to (certainly not myself) but to the Lord Jesus Christ for His sovereignty and will, and for the powerfully sustaining assurance of the promises He keeps in His Word.

Now my husband has moved back in with us and hasn't any more desire to go anywhere. He sold his then current vehicle and is where he's supposed to be. Last December (2012) he had been in a terrible motorcycle accident  which, by God's grace alone, he survived. We are still "unequally yoked," as he hasn't yet believed on the Lord, but anything can happen. Glory to God. Thank you for praying for us.

If you have read my pages, I hope they were edifying to you. However, things don't always go as we have them planned. Let me just say that I believe God is working, and He WANTS my husband saved and going to heaven. But God works in ways we cannot understand, and it is His will and prerogative to do anything He wants. He is in control! Amen?? This situation was between us and the Lord, but I believe that God did not give us too much to bear, and that prayer is powerful and does work!!

Let me get a little personal here. Even when it seems like we have done all we can do, and we throw up our hands and say, "That's it. I can't take it anymore," my friend, THAT'S when GOD does His miracle-working wonders!! He WANTS us to "let go of the reins," so He can manifest His mighty power in our life! And don't get the silly idea that God wasn't around while you and I were struggling. It was His grace that got you through, and it's by His grace you are where you are now! Amen!  He knows EVERYTHING, and can even see way past this fleeting moment in time to eternity future. 

So how do you know you were alone, or can't continue in the will He has planned for you? How can you assume that all is lost, and you are ready to give up? Don't you believe God is a big God, and He answers big prayers? Just hold on a little longer, and do as you're supposed to do. I hope I am preaching to the choir right now.  

Thanks for stopping by. Boy do I appreciate your company. Keep praying for your spouse to be saved. God NEVER goes back on ONE promise He makes. Just do your part, and He will do His. Amen.


I was made aware that we are going to divorce sometime in the beginning of 2014. I hate divorce because God hates it. I don't know exactly when, but I am shaken about it. My faith is very small in this regard. I don't know what is to become of me after this happens. He said he wouldn't put me out on the street, but that is of little comfort compared to what God would have me to do. I know this is a big prayer request, and I better get on my knees and pray about this situation. God will not leave nor forsake me, of this I am confident, but I need to search the Scriptures and find out what He wants me to do. I will keep this updated. I need a miracle.

Please pray for us.

As of February 6, 2016, my life has taken a turn for the better. After a long battle with many physical trials, he passed away on February 5. His body couldn't take it anymore. I am now single again, a widow, and God is with me and taking care of all my needs. 

Thanks be to God, my husband NEVER divorced me, because he had literally no strength to do so. Even though his girlfriend  had been looking for a house to live in for after he divorced me and married her (yes, I knew about her because he wasn't afraid to boast about her in front of me), I still stood by my husband because it was what God wanted me to do. He had many physical ailments, like diabetes, a wound on his leg that had developed from Agent Orange when he was in the Marines back in the 1960's, among other illnesses. He had also acquired MRSA when he had to be rushed to the hospital after surviving the motorcycle accident. He was a survivor, it's true, but he insisted on living his own way, and he continually rejected the Gospel, so I believe God cut his life short. He had just turned 67 years old when he died. I am now a single and free woman and I have NO intention of ever marrying again. 

As for the girlfriend, I am acquaintances with her, and whenever she comes to visit my kids (yes, they knew about it all along too), I try to be Christlike around her and treat her like a human being, not as a scumbag as I had once thought she was. After all, Jesus died for her too.

As I mentioned before, I write because the Lord wants me to write. I don't get many views, but I like it that way. I hate the crowd scene, where everybody does what everybody else does. That sheeple mindset makes me sick. I LIKE being a loner. I don't have to answer to anyone, but God. Thank You Lord, for setting me free indeed.